We Are Family Owned

Daniel | Owner - General Contractor

Growing up, Daniel worked side by side with his father for more than 15 years learning to remodel and build homes, while also building a career in team sports, such as football and baseball. These experiences taught him to be a valuable team member, to be a leader and have a hard work ethic. In his younger years, he earned a football State Championship and an opportunity to attend Brigham Young University, which he attended after deciding to serve a mission for his Church. While serving his mission, he learned how to speak Spanish and how to serve those around him. Returning from his mission, Daniel joined the BYU Track and Field team and majored in Finance. This taught him how to better manage a budget and help others make smarter financial decisions. Daniel worked through his undergraduate degree by remodeling homes, but decided after graduating, to work in finance for 4 years to hone his skills. He then transferred back to what he enjoys best, construction. He worked as a builder for a high end custom homes company where he learned how to help customers achieve their goals in an organized and successful manner. Today Daniel runs his own custom home and remodeling business as a General Contractor with his beautiful wife Rachelle and loves helping customers build beautiful homes for their families in Orlando.

Rachelle | Owner - Interior Designer

Rachelle knew since she was a little girl, she wanted to be an interior designer. When she was only five years old, she mostly spent her hours decorating and making cute play houses for her dolls and pets. As she grew older, she began drawing and painting floors plans. Rachelle realized early, that she had a talent in selecting beautiful paint colors and creating a home filled with astatically pleasing details. As Rachelle grew older, she wanted to learn how she could better help share her talents with others, so after high school, she attended LDS Business Collage. While attending college, she earned a degree in interior design and learned how to use programs such as AutoCAD, Revit, Sketch Up and others which have helped her communicate clearly her dreams and visions with others. In her last years of school, Rachelle was selected from her design classmates to receive an award for selfless service showcasing her gifts of hard work, design and working with others. She dreamed to one day to work side by side with her husband and help others create their perfect homes. Rachelle is enthusiastic to be working in what she loves and making sure every design detail in a home is accounted for. 

The difference between something good and great


We choose to only custom build and remodel a few homes around Orlando, Florida at a time so that your project has the attention it deserves. From our experience, by only focusing on a few projects at a time, it gives us the ability to focus on YOU and the DETAILS. Details like selecting unique hardware from anywhere in the world, changing up interior designs during the process when ideas evolve, and making sure those cabinets are just right. This is what gives your home life and character, let's make sure it's perfect. We are with you every step of the way. This is what we love to do.

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